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I am a guitar player and this is my dream! Great great product! - Paul Smoke (5 stars) It's ridiculously great value for money. It's got me shakin and a movin ... Pickin and a groovin!!! I love it. - Alan Darroch (5 stars) Out of all the guitar amp apps, this is the only possible app to play live with and the pedal are the cheapest on top of that. - Tym W (5 stars) Good sound, easy to use, iTunes backing tracks, looks nice, good value, no fiddling about. - Thelostdot (5 stars) Killer effects and tools for your guitar! Just plug in and crank it up: the freee iShred LIVE app puts you in control of an amp simulator with variable overdrive, and starts you with two free effects, the HK-2000 digital delay and Q-36 Space Modulator/Flanger, and a built-in noise gate and filter. iShred LIVE works with other standard iOS guitar interfaces. In addition to killer effects, iShred LIVE gives you these essential guitar tools: • 48 user-defined presets set up as 8 color-coded banks of 6 nameable buttons • metronome with adjustable tempo, tap tempo, and selectable accent • chromatic tuner that helps you tune up quickly and accurately • looping music player lets you set up loops and play along with the songs in your music library - *great* for practicing favorite parts And way MORE! To extend the range of tonal possibilities, these additional effects are available as in-app purchases: • Hot Fuzz (super fuzz pedal) • Sybil (dual chorus) • Trembler (variable waveform tremolo) • Adrenaline (adjustable treble booster) • Kömpressör (compressor pedal) • Screamer (overdrive distortion) • Phaser (classic phasing) • Octavinator (down one or two octaves) • AutoWah (automated wah filter) • Resonant (touch or face-controlled resonance) Also available for purchase is a fantastic Recorder that has beat-based synchronization, undo/redo, and supports infinite layered overdubs. Create multi-part masterpieces all by yourself with Recorder and then share them via email or iTunes file transfer! Visit to see iShred LIVE's effects in action, and to learn more about the app. On the road or commuting and can't bring your guitar with you? Check out our top-rated virtual guitar app, iShred, and make music wherever you go!

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