iRecognize®-Memory Training Practice and Photo Flashcard Creator


iRecognize®-Memory Training Practice and Photo Flashcard Creator

Strengthen your memory and recognition skills with iRecognize, a photo flashcard creator aimed at helping students of all ages, teachers, or those with autism, Alzheimer’s and other conditions. Create your own cards or use iRecognize’s preloaded libraries to aid you in learning or memory therapy. Use iRecognize to practice facial recognition, places or to keep learning new things! iRecognize allows everyone to take part in memory therapy games using pre-loaded flashcard exercises or completely customizable cards to create your own exercises. Each exercise has its own goal: to help improve memory and recognition for those with Alzheimer’s, stroke patients, children with autism or to help anyone learn quickly and efficiently. Customize your very own flashcards using your own photos and sounds. You can build your own library of sights and sounds to keep learning for class, or to help those with Alzheimer’s or autism improve and retain their recognition skills. Improve and test all types and skills and retain what you’re learning with iRecognize! iRecognize Features - Pre-loaded libraries suitable for kids, students and adults. Test your brain on the faces of the presidents, pictures of famous people, states and capitals or help and test kids with their colors and shapes! - Add new libraries for anything you need. Add family members for facial recognition practice, vocabulary words to help you learn a new language or anything you need to help you ace the next test - Labels and auditory clues can be added to exercises in any language - Strengthen verbal, auditory and visual learning skills as well as helping those with autism, or Alzheimer’s and stroke patients with facial recognition - Familiar flashcard/matching games format. iRecognize is easy to use instantly - Customizable levels of difficulty - Great educational or therapy tool for kids, students and adults who are learning - Track your progress in every exercise with iRecognize’s tracking tool "Speech pathologists will find libraries of the LARK (ProEd) vocabulary. They can use them to customize exercises for recovery of auditory comprehension and reading" - Dr. Richard Dressler, CCC-SLP Help your brain by using iRecognize! Using pictures and auditory clues to encourage memory therapy and learning, iRecognize makes it simple and easy to anyone to get their practice in. Turn therapy into games and make learning easy with customizable flashcards. Start improving and testing different kinds of skills today with iRecognize! Have any questions or need support for this memory training and flashcard creator app? Reach out to: Visit us at:

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