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Intelligent Math

*** Intelligent Math is designed for High School to College level students and Professionals. It is also an excellent application for different job sectors Engineering/Finance/Military/Surveying/Quantity Surveying and Banking. These applications make the calculation simple and fast. A Math App for everyone. What You See Is What You Get *** Intelligent Math is ad free and low file size app..... Intelligent Math is loaded with different features………………………… -Area calculation for 10 different geometric shapes:- We have to just select the shape and enter the parameters in the desired formula -Volume calculation for 15 solid shapes:- It is more helpful for secondary level students -Arithmetic calculation:- It includes the functions like solution of Quadratic equation and solution of Linear equation systems of 2nd and 3rd degree. It is more applicable for secondary and higher secondary level students -Interpolation of values:- Bilinear Interpolation method is adopted to interpolate the values -Matrix:- In this section, inverse of a 3x3 matrix is calculating. Calculation of determinants of 2x2 matrices and 3x3 matrices are also included in this section. This is mainly applicable for higher secondary onwards students -Statistics:- It determine the medium value and standard deviation of a sample. It is more applicable for graduation students -Integration:- This part contains list of commonly used integration formulas and their result will automatically appear. -Differentiation:- Common mathematical functions and their derivatives are determined at one point. -Notebook:- Focuses on simple functionality for creating and editing your notes. Can save any number of file names. Intelligent Math will give fast solutions for above functions. This is a major advantage of this app. The app in scientific calculator are limited and complex types, intelligent Math will recover these drawbacks. Intelligent Math is also a benefit to different job sectors like Engineering/Finance/Military and Banking etc.

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