Instant Sleep Alarm Clock


Instant Sleep Alarm Clock

Can't Sleep?... Best app for falling asleep instantly. As Read on 4 Hour Body Book **************************************** Fall asleep quickly and smoothly. **************************************** Free for an unlimited period of time. **************************************** The most effective therapy to help you sleep deeply and wake up totally rested and relaxed. See our screenshots and confirm it yourself. Try it tonight. ******************************** Instant Sleep Alarm Clock uses relaxation and breathing techniques to prepare your mind and body to feel instantly sleepy and then helps you sleep deeply. Recommendations. 1. Turn on the auto mode and set up your wave time (settings menu). 2.- Place your iPhone near you on a flat horizontal position. 3.- Keep your room dark and free from noise as much as possible. 4.- You can lie on your back or side but continue to look at the instant sleep light on the ceiling or wall. 5.- Turn on the instant sleep light. 6.- Synchronize your breathing (exhale and inhale) with the pulse of the instant sleep light. 7.- Breathe in and out always thru abdominal breathing. 8.- Continue breathing through your nose contracting and expanding your abdomen. 9.- After each cycle, Instant Sleep will turn off by itself but you can fall asleep before or after the light turns off. "Sweet Dreams!"

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