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UNLOCK THE POWER OF LIGHT WITH ILUMI®, THE BEST LIGHT BULB ON THE PLANET ilumi color tunable LED Smartbulbs give you complete wireless control of your lighting through the easy to use ilumi app. Simply replace your regular light bulb with an ilumi Smartbulb and paint amazing atmospheres in color, program your lighting to support your daily schedule and preferences, and reap the rewards of energy efficient lighting. See everything ilumi can do at or and live your light™ EXPERIENCES TO LIVE YOUR LIGHT™ Intuitive swipe gestures with control for an individual or a group of ilumi. Take a Snapshot™ and replay your favorite scenes at any time. Built in automation, security, and entertainment programs open up a new world of lighting experiences: - Music Sync – Pulse your light to the beat of the Music - Rise & Shine – Schedule a sunrise to start your day - Torch (Location) - Turn your lights on and off as you move from room to room with your device - Circadian - Automatically adjusts your lighting to help support your bodies natural rhythm - Simon - A fun game to put your lighting memory to the test - Scene Scheduler - Replay your favorite lighting scenes at scheduled times - Vacation - Make it look like someone's home, even when you're not SET YOUR PREFFERED LIGHT SETTING AS A POWER ON DEFAULT Warm white, cool white, or anything in between - choose the exact light color and brightness you want to turn on whenever you flip a switch or turn on the light through the app. COMPLETE LIGHTING CONTROL VIA ILUMI SMARTMESH OVER BLUETOOTH SMART The automatic setup and grouping process gives you a true lighting control system in seconds. All you need is ilumi and the app. No Wi-Fi, bridges, or other complications. WHITE LIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT, COLOR WHEN YOU WANT IT Tune your lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Adjust from functional bright white light to rich and relaxing saturated colors. With HyperLux, enjoy more lumens per watt than any other multicolor smartbulb and get flexibility without compromise. PAYS FOR ITSELF Combining best in class LED technology with built in automation, ilumi is extremely energy efficient and can last up to 20 years. That's good for you and for your pocket book. The ilumi App requires an ilumi Smartbulb available at For questions, contact Note that the Torch experience is a features that requires the persistent use of real-time location updates while the app is in the background, and that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. In addition, note that the Music Sync experience is a feature that when active will continue to play music and stay active while the app is in the background, and that continued use of the Music Player running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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