iGroup Contacts+Speed dial Free


iGroup Contacts+Speed dial Free

Were you so troubled because of no group management on contact? Do you want to call or text someone you frequently contact with one touch? Do you want to quickly search the contact with last digits? Use iGroup contacts App so as to solve all of them at once! ■ Free version has limited features and content.  ■ Get 'iGroup Contact' full version for those features.  - Deletion of all ads - Create New Group - 99 more feature for Favorites ◆Group management◆ >Making a group Manage your contact with family, friend, work and more groups. >Drag&drop You can easily manage with Drag&drop for move, select and delete. >Group message/send mail You can conveniently send group message or mail. >Smart group It makes automatic group by each job, birthday, and profile photos. >Secret group You can set password to hide the group. (Applied only within the group contact.) ◆Smart Keypad◆ >Search You can rapidly search. >Number search You can enter partial contact number for search. (just enter 5678 or 678 for searching 855-1234-5678) >Speed dial (synchronized with favorite) You can press and hold the keypad button in order of favorite list to make a call. (You can only call and numbers must be on favorite list.) >Quick call Press and hold the last number after entering the contact number when making a call. (855-1234-5678~~~~~~ -> connect) ◆Speed dial (favorite) ◆ >One touch to call/text List favorite contacts to call or text at once. (You can move it to the right next to equipped message App of the iPhone via setting.) ◆Other varieties of convenient functions◆ > [Synchronize] You can automatically synchronize saved contact on iPhone. > [Security] set password to start the app, lock on group management and hide group > [Alarm] auto push alarm for set birthday and anniversary > [Theme] provide two themes (blue, pink) > [Support] support Kakao Talk and Facetime > [Dial tone] there are many characteristic dial tones > [Screen set] Initial setting with desired screen from group, keypad, favorite(speed dial) when starting the App ※When using Microsoft Exchange When using Exchange, the created group information is not synchronized but seen only from iGroup contacts App. (the contacts are synchronized)

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