iCreated brings the coolest, iPhone-centric Art on Earth to the App Store. Why settle for boring wallpapers, when you can enjoy the efforts of international artists who use their iPhones to create ART. Over 100 original pieces create a visual link between iPhone Art, and iPhone Apps. What others are saying: * “This app is an excellent source of inspiration for any artist.” * “iCreated is a must have for Art lovers.” * “I love the inspirational pieces from across the globe.” * “It’s hard to believe that this was all created on the phone” * “I really enjoy art and it is great to see what people in the digital world are doing to advance it” * “Amazing arty wallpapers ever evolving…….” * “Brilliant Application for the iPhone” Just iPhone Art says; * “iCreated= Gorgeous Mobile Art Gallery App”, * “If you like art, and especially iPhone art, you will love the iCreated app.” * “My two favorite things about this app are that the gallery is being regularly updated with superb work from more and more iPhone artists, and that it tells you which apps were used to create each piece.” Features 45 original iPhone Artworks built into the App, to save, share, or use as the world’s coolest wallpaper A constantly updated on-line Gallery of iPhone Art submitted by iPhone Artists worldwide currently numbering over 80 pieces All artwork is linked to that artist’s web site, to explore their work more fully All artwork is linked to an Apps page, so you can see what apps the artist used in it’s creation Apps page provides easy features guidelines to Photo/Art apps All icons on the Apps page link to the App store, so you can learn more, and make an educated purchase Upload page for iPhone Art submissions The purchase price will include free, periodic updates Beautiful art, made on an iPhone, for display on an iPhone Version 2.0 Features The first 18 images that appear when the app opens are contributions by some of the world’s most talented iPhone Artists and their most memorable Art. They are; Xoan Baltar, (Ourence, Spain), Kevin Barba, (Chicago,USA), Tony Cece, (Virginia, USA), Russ Croop, (Colorado, USA). Miguel Girard, (NYC, USA), Dan Hoffman, (New Jersey, USA), ,Julia Kay, (San Francisco,USA), Emmanuel Martinez, (Manila, Philippines), Cedric Philippe (Nut), (Saint Claude ,France), José Andrés Guijarro Ponce (La legra negra), (Spain), Barbara Ripepi, (Milan, Italy), Sean Sheridan, (NYC,USA), Patricio Villarroel,(Paris, France), and Mike Wallis, (Bedford, United Kingdom), The next 9 images are new additions of iPhone Art by David Scott Leibowitz The upload page has been updated. There is a link to email support on the upload page The Apps list has been expanded to include 85 Art and Photography Apps Features for contributing Artists Promote your iPhone Art worldwide Links to your own web site, or Flickr Photostream. Posted copyright notice. Be part of an emerging art form, created on a new computing platform This app is a teaching tool, allowing artists, aspiring artists and art lovers to discover which apps were used to create each piece of art. It then goes one step further linking them to the app store to learn more the app and own it for themselves. Each Artist’s work has a link to their own personal website, so you can explore their work more fully. Give iPhone artists an exhibition space on your phone and give yourself the pleasure and pride of displaying meaningful visuals on the device where you already express everything about yourself.

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