iCarMode - A dashboard app for all your in-car needs: - Big buttoned music player* - Quick dialup to your contacts. - Easy access to your favorite GPS app**. - Well designed phone keypad. -'Where did I park?' - will help you find your parked car! - 'Parking meter' - set a reminder when your car is parked in a parking meter zone. - 'Places nearby' - your car is parked, what did you have in mind? coffee? the nearest ATM? this feature, powered by 'Google Places', will help you out. - 'Custom App shortcut' - iCarMode now has also room for your favorite app shortcut ** iCarMode theme changes automatically to night mode on local sunset. iCarMode supports both portrait & landscape orientations! iCarMode integrates with Vinli device to display streaming data from your car's computer: speed, rpm, fuel status, diagnostics engine problems & even grades your driving. To learn more about iCarMode, please visit our site: http://www.iCarMode.com or contact us at: support@iCarMode.com *iCarMode (version 4.5+) Includes Apple Music integration built in the music player. **iCarMode supports customised shortcuts to allow you to easily call your favorite GPS or music app. This requires the app provider to allow other apps to launch theirs. To see the current supported list visit: http://www.icarmode.com/#linkedapps-section If you have additional request, contact us and we'll do our best to add it to the list - if the app supports the required protocol. REVIEWS: "iCarMode is a great dashboard app for the iPhone - that presents a number of large, easy-to-tap shortcuts to music controls, contacts, audio controls, and your favorite GPS navigation and audio streaming apps" - reviews.cnet.com "Download iCarMode and safely use your phone while keeping your eyes on the road." - appolicious.com "iCarMode is one of those ingenious and simple app that makes the iPhone easy to use in every situation." - applemobile.it "iCarMode presents a simple solution to a daily problem and promises that next time we'll "have to" use the iPhone while driving, We'll do it more safely and keep our eyes on the road." - www.ipsf.co.il "iCarMode is a new application for iPhone which tries to facilitate the use of the main functions that are commonly used while in car: music, contacts,GPS and phone but wrapped in an enlarged , simple and intuitive interface more suited to this situation and in fact makes the use of the iPhone while driving - safer." - iphoneil.net

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