Hirameki! Crossword


Hirameki! Crossword

"Hirameki! Crossword" is the first game from the "Omocha Plus" series! The Omocha Plus series is a series of educational games, suitable for your kids when going out or in the restaurant. # Summary "Hirameki! Crossword" is a small 3 by 4 crossword puzzle game with a single letter missing from the cross-section, which you have to find fast. It provides a nice chance for studying the letters and is highly suitable for kids who just learned the Hiragana(Japanese syllabary characters). The "Time attack" mode is high-paced and might be challenging even for adults. ● How to Play Tap a letter on the bottom of the screen and drag it to the "?" mark cross-section. You can use the "Pass" button to skip difficult questions. ● Game Modes "Practice" - Answer 10 questions to clear the game. There is no time limit. "Time Attack" - A 60 seconds challenge where you have to answer as many questions as possible. ● Omocha Plus http://www.omocha-plus.jp/ A portal site for toys, "Omocha Plus" is aiming to improve the quality of play by providing entertaining toys both you and your kids can play with. ("Omocha" means toy or toys in Japanese.) ● Omocha Plus Educational Games Series http://www.entaworks.co.jp/product/hiracro/ "Flash! Crossword" is available in English. "Bulgarian Crossword" is available in Bulgarian.

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