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Guided Imagery

Welcome. You are now entering a stress free environment. Join in relaxing and uniting your mind and body. Guided Imagery is based in the principle that our minds and bodies are connected. Being mindful of this connection can lead to a more fulfilling life experience. Let this guided imagery app lead you to a less stressful, more mindful state of being. Through directed suggestions, you can guide your imagination toward a state of relaxation. This app provides the tools to help lead you to a more balanced life, creating solace in the mile-a-minute world that surrounds you. Inside you will find tools that appeal to the senses: - Guided Imagery audio tracks to help you with day to day living - Guided Imagery videos with accompanying audio guides - Over 1,000 photos to promote visual relaxation - Up-to-date words of wisdom from experts who know how to balance modern life and technology with tranquility and wholeness - Descriptions, links, and information on Guided Imagery - The latest news on Guided Imagery from around the web - A reference list to supplement your knowledge and understanding of Guided Imagery. Come, join us - and learn how to make peace with the modern world.

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