GreenStreets: Shmootz Happens! - A Fingerprint Network App


GreenStreets: Shmootz Happens! - A Fingerprint Network App

Join the fun in the magical town of Green$treets by rescuing endangered animals! Earn money by planting a beautiful garden, by tossing items in the treehouse using a catapult, creating robots from recycled junk, saving energy around the house and keeping Shmootz(tm), the gooey slob who is always making a mess, from ruining all the fun! After the animals are rescued, take care of them by feeding and playing with them until they are ready to go home. Kids don’t even realize that they are learning essential money and math skills: - Setting Goals - Budgeting - Earning Money - Saving & Spending Decision Making - Giving to Charity - Borrowing and Repaying Money - Buying Insurance Green$treets is a revolutionary new way to teach kids ages 5-10 about money and responsibility via fun game play---brought to you by Neale Godfrey, the creator and leader in the “Kids and Money” field since 1988 and New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of 26 books. The Green$treets system has been developed over the last 30 years in books and financial literacy curricula used throughout educational systems across the country and around the world. Kids play with a variety of characters, each with their own unique financial and ecological personalities, designed by award-winning Tom Hester, creator of Shrek. Bring the magic of Green$treets to life by visiting to obtain job cards, job charts and an activity book. Another revolutionary element of Green$treets is the incorporation of Augmented Reality, brought to you by Aurasma. In these job cards, job charts, activity book, and animal badges, children will scan the items at the Green$treets bank from within the app, which will activate the Augmented Reality. Watch the Magic as the job cards come to life, as the characters interact directly with your child! Job cards will also earn in-game money! Parents and grandparents can have children perform chores to earn allowance and start to understand the concept of work-for-pay. Sign up for FINGERPRINT within the Green$treets app to connect with your child with parents, grandparents, educators and other special adults that you designate so you all can share the joy and education as kids reach their goals. Includes the Fingerprint Play Experience for Kids and Parents: - Supports child-safe, multi-player gaming. Kids will love the opportunity to challenge each other; while parents will rest easy knowing Fingerprint is a completely safe digital experience. - Family Play Circle - A single, shared family account makes it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children under a single account. - Communication - Fingerprint’s proprietary safe social features – Mom-Comm and Kid-Comm – allow kids and parents to send one another fun and encouraging messages. - Digital rewards - Fun and learning are the best reward, but now kids can also level up and earn expanded experiences with Fingerprint’s new Coin-o-copia. - Play Insights - Fingerprint proactively delivers graphical learning reports to parents, detailing minutes played, apps played and most importantly, what was learned. Thanks to Aurasma for bringing the magic of Green$treets to life with their technology.

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    Good for learning to do chores and earn money
    Like the mini game
    This app teaches kids about doing chores and earning money”
  • Keep in mind
    Mini games inside it are also rip offs like fruit ninja

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