Greening Your Family - Free


Greening Your Family - Free

Practical guide to Greening Your Family- Free The Greening Your Family App is a road map for making safe product choices for you and your family. Do you wonder if you should buy organic or conventionally grown apples? Want to know what labels to look for on your dairy and meat products to minimize added hormones? What about the safest brands of personal care products to buy? This app answers all of these questions and more. The app is designed to make it easy for you to minimize you and your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals found in many of the products that line the grocery store shelves. It is based on the award-winning book titled Greening Your Family, by Lindsey Carmichael, MPH. The free version of the Greening Your Family app is a distilled version of the book with advice and brand recommendations for everything from laundry soap to sunscreen. The paid version of the app includes an additional twenty-three product categories including safer brand recommendations for children’s personal care products, deodorant, cosmetics, and all-purpose cleaners. There are guidelines given for produce, dairy and fish consumption as well as 30+ recipes and tips for making non-toxic cleaning products. Features of the free version of Greening Your Family: •Extensive information covering three broad categories: food, personal care and cleaning products •Recommendations for safer brands of products in each category •Information about ingredients to avoid in conventional products •Ability to create a ‘favorites’ list for quick access at the store •Updates ensuring current information about the quickly changing green products landscape •Safe Guide to Plastics for foods •Guide to House Plants That Purify the Air in your home •Labeling information for food, cleaning and personal care products •Table of the top 15 ingredients to avoid in personal care products

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