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Gravity 2.0

The newest installment in the Gravity series, Gravity Evolved, is now available! Download it now! Selected in FreeAppMagic - 3 Great paid apps for free every day Rated 5/5 by Monster Free Apps! Exploding planets! Physics experiments! Artistic solar systems! Now you can have the power of gravity all in your fingertips! Gravity 2.0 is a fascinating game for anyone who loves being creative, having insane space battles, or both! There are two different ways to play Gravity 2.0: Sandbox mode and Battle mode. Sandbox mode allows you to create your own solar system, designing every part of your planets. Then you can place cannons and missile launchers on your planets and watch as the projectiles fly around the solar system, with realistic physics. Battle mode lets you make your own solar system specifically tuned for WAR! Build up your planets with 6 unique weapons and 3 unique planet upgrades. Then upgrade your planets and weapons to have the best solar system in the universe! Battle other players or the AI to gain more money to build up your solar system even more! The possibilities are endless! Visit our website at Email any questions, suggestions, or problems to

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    Amazing game although play through tutorial first and be PATIENTS”
    Had a death star fight freinds were so impressed”
    Really good way to kill some time when your bored”
    I like it it has the death star war guns weapons”
    This physics based game is one of the coolest on my iPod”
    This game makes all the other physics games look bad”
    An awesome game that combines fun with gravity”
    I really like yhis game its super fun
    I have to fight with my kids to play this game
    Good for a quick game during a commute or downtime”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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