Grade 3


Grade 3

*** Grade 3 Maths & Science is available at the same price of Grade 3 Science for a limited period. Please buy that instead of only Grade 3 Science app: *** Comprehensive study material on Grade 3 Science in the form of question bank. Below topics are covered: -Living Things -Parts of plant -Eating habits of Animals -Birds -Human Body -Environment -The Earth -The Sun, Moon and Stars -Rocks and soil Practice is the key - and this application will provide lots of that. There will be added challenge of confusing options to choose from. This application will also be useful for teachers to test their students. Features: 1) We are proud about the carefully selected questions. 2) Negative marking is introduced to ensure that student gets the answer right in very first try - and discourage any casual clicks. 3) Confusing options to ensure student is really well prepared. 4) Application allows to skip questions but we encourage not to skip any as those question might appear in real exam you are preparing for. 5) Sound & other settings could be changed from iPhone settings. 6) No distracting animations. 7) We recommend using "Missed" mode. This mode shows questions that were not correctly answered in the first try or questions that were skipped. So this mode is useful to focus on areas user is not good at. 8) Overall progress is shown as percentage marks. This percentage increases only if question is correctly answered in the first try. *** Certificates of Achievement !!! Upon successful completion of any section, Certificates of Achievement will be generated and saved in Photo Albums. Proudly show it to your family and friends.***

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