GPS-Trk for iPhone


GPS-Trk for iPhone

[Remote realtime GPS path tracking service, GPS-Trk Net released! (Watch DEMO video at] Professional-grade GPS app for iPhone. Outdoors (walking, biking, running, climbing, flying, ship) Businesses (truck fleet management) GPS-Trk records track, shows track on map and imports/exports. Advanced technologies packed into quick, easy-to-use user-interface. 4 years track record of safe, rock-solid reliable operation. [For iOS8. Apple Watch support] ∙ Low Power Design 25 hours measurement (screen off) Designed from the ground up to save power. Track measurement in Sleep, Background. ∙ Full Measurement Functionalities Continuous mode - measure location at specified "distance interval". (every 15 meters etc.) Periodic mode - measure location at specified "time interval". (every 10 seconds etc. Our original) Off/Rec Mode - with/without recording track. Auto GPS Lock-on at track start. Multiple segments within a track. Resume any track (including past track) with Resume button. Track Filter - Go inside building or underground and those erroneous waypoints are skipped automatically. Set start location address to track name automatically. ∙ Many different maps support Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap(contour map), MapQuest-OSM, MapQuest-Open Aerial Download maps of all over the world free. Altitude, speed graphs. GPS accuracy at every point visualized. (Our invention) Waypoint number, timestamp, altitude, speed, POI on Map. Portrait / landscape. Compass Trace imported/past track. ∙ Offline Map Cache Available for OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest. Enables to measure track with map, even without network. Preload maps of designated area. ∙ POI (Point of interest) with photo Take photos with built-in camera and attach to track. Import/export in KMZ. ∙ Wide variety of track import/export (1) Track file (Link, KML, KMZ, GPX) - KML/KMZ supports both old (LineString) and new format (gx:Track). iCloud, Dropbox - automatically sync tracks among iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Linux via Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE. Mail attachment - import/export track file by mail attachment. Safari browser - import track directly from any web sites. You can see track with Google Earth/Maps on PC/Mac and various web sites. (2) Map image export - Post JPEG map image, POI photos to Facebook, Twitter, send by email attachment, save to Photo Albums. ∙ Auto Track Report Automatically send current track or point via iCloud, Dropbox at specified time interval (1min, 2min, ...). Send your location to support team for rescue in case of accident during adventure. ∙ Quick Operation Easily handles very long track with tens of thousands of points smoothly. Boots in 1 seconds. ∙ Scalability Stores more than tens of thousands of tracks and find by Search. With Gigabytes of storage, you rarely have to delete your tracks. ∙ Reliability GPS-Trk should not crash during more than 10 hours of measurement, but even in the very unlikely accident, track data is safe and intact. Simply resume by Resume button. ∙ GPS Data All attributes are recorded (timestamp, latitude, longitude, altitude, horizontal accuracy, vertical accuracy, speed, course) Meters/feet/nautical miles, D/DM/DMS. ∙ Network Requirement GPS measurement, track recording and OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest work without network (foreign travel, outside of cell coverage), anywhere on Earth. [Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.]

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