Global Air Quality - Real Time Air Pollution Indices


Global Air Quality - Real Time Air Pollution Indices

Real-time air quality indices for over 3800 cities in 69 countries and regions. Currently, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese are supported. Features: 1. Provide air quality data from more than 7000 monitoring stations for over 3800 cities. 2. Show air quality information from your nearest monitoring station. 3. Able to show you the air quality indices on the map, more information will be shown as you zoom in to a city. 4. Ranking of the air quality indices for both the countries and cities. 5. When the air pollution increased, we will send you a remind notification. 6. Display interface will change with the change in air quality. When the air pollution index is high, the display interface will became blurred just like the real world scenery. When the air pollution index is low, the display interface will be crystal clear. 7. Historical Data Review: You can review the short-term trends of air quality, and check the distribution of air pollution index for up to the latest 2 months. 8. Healthy Advice: According to the current air situation, basic advices are given: whether suitable for outdoor sports, whether need to wear masks. And what protective measures should do when you indoor, do outdoor sports, on traffic, we had more specific suggestion for you. 9. Real-time photo with real-time air quality indices: real-time quality index can stamp on your real-time photo so that you can create a cool-looking photo with location information and air quality indices. 10. Share with friends: You can send current air quality data or your unique photo with location information and air quality index to Friend via Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, SMS via Email. Following countries and regions supported: 1. Aland Islands 2. Argentina 3. Australia 4. Austria 5. Belgium 6. Bolivia 7. Brazil 8. Brunei 9. Bulgaria 10. Canada 11. Chile 12. China 13. Colombia 14. Croatia 15. Cyprus 16. Czech Republic 17. Denmark 18. Ecuador 19. El Salvador 20. Finland 21. France 22. French Guiana 23. Germany 24. Gibraltar 25. Guadeloupe 26. Guatemala 27. Hong Kong 28. Hungary 29. India 30. Iran 31. Ireland 32. Israel 33. Japan 34. Liechtenstein 35. Lithuania 36. Luxembourg 37. Macau 38. Macedonia (FYROM) 39. Malaysia 40. Malta 41. Martinique 42. Mexico 43. Mongolia 44. New Caledonia 45. Norway 46. Peru 47. Philippines 48. Poland 49. Puerto Rico 50. Reunion 51. Romania 52. Russia 53. Serbia 54. Singapore 55. Slovakia 56. Slovenia 57. South Africa 58. South Korea 59. Spain 60. Sweden 61. Switzerland 62. Taiwan 63. Thailand 64. The Netherlands 65. Turkey 66. United Arab Emirates 67. United Kingdom 68. United States 69. Vietnam

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