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Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal

Ghost EVP Radio has been developed for exciting paranormal detection and exploration. We've put a lot of effort into making the app fun and easy to use, so that both professional and enthusiast paranormal researchers and ghost hunters can enjoy it. If you are either easily frightened, a super skeptic or have a serious heart-related medical condition, you are probably better off avoiding this app. Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the collective name for the sounds found on electronic recording and reminiscent of human speech, but that also is not the result out of conscious recording or manipulation. These sounds are usually found in recordings with noise, poor radio reception and background noise, and is considered by many to be the voices of paranormal entities such as ghosts, spirits and daemons. This app takes the traditional ghost box concept to the next level: During a radio session, a variant of of Brownian noise (also known as red noise) is generated. The noise is amplified, filtered, and manipulated to provide a 100% random signal. As with traditional ghost boxes, this type of signal seems inviting and sensitive to the paranormal, which makes it perfectly suitable for EVP. The signal is processed in real-time, in order to identify meaningful phrase- and word patterns. Other properties of the communicating entity are also determined, such as mood and gender. In the final stage the application generates audible speech based on the processed data. The application also allows you to record your paranormal encounters, and share them with friends and family. Visit our website for more information: *** Languages *** English (US/UK), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. *** Support *** * For support and feedback, please visit, or use the in-app buttons on the Settings screen. * Visit the our Knowledgebase for additional tips'n'tricks: * Join the Ghost EVP Radio mailing list: * Twitter: * Facebook: We hope that you, like many others, will be fascinated by the paranormal experience of Ghost EVP Radio. Thanks for downloading! Rate us to ensure further development of this software. Disclaimer Every effort has been made to make this app truly unique, but we can offer no guarantee that you will get specific results by using it. Since the results of this app haven't been scientifically verified, it should only be used for entertainment purposes. Please use it responsibly.

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