Introducing BodyQ, a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that measures the health and wellness of the muscles, joints, neurological systems, and overall functionality of the human body. Developed by medical professionals, physical therapists, nutritionists, vestibular and balance experts, FYZICAL’s proprietary BodyQ is changing healthcare by providing a proactive approach to staying healthy. BodyQ provides a quick and comprehensive evaluation measuring musculoskeletal function, range of motion, balance, hearing, and vision. Once completed, BodyQ will calculate your overall BodyQ health score and generate a comprehensive report designed to help you prevent injuries and address potential health issues before they become serious. Next, a healthcare professional will analyze your BodyQ score. Based upon the findings, if necessary, a plan of care will be developed specifically for your body’s individual needs that may include a medically based fitness program, physical therapy, or a physician referral. Take control of your health with BodyQ – available only at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers! Spelled different, because we are different.

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