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Fusion - HDR Camera

"a new HDR app that pushes the envelope for what is possible on the iPhone camera" - Life In Lofi "Fusion sets the bar on all other HDR apps" - Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editing "shows you what truly great HDR photos can look like" - iPhone Photography School Fusion creates HDR (high dynamic range) photos by capturing different exposures and then combining them into one perfectly exposed photo. The result is an image that overcomes the limited range of a digital image sensor and reflects what the human eye can actually see. By taking advantage of the new burst mode in iOS 8, Fusion takes three bracketed exposures in 3/10ths of a second. The brackets can be automatically calculated based on algorithmic analysis of the scene, or manually specified. Exposure can be locked using a spot meter mode similar to a DSLR and can also be manually adjusted. A histogram gives you the technical info you need. You can save multiple shots to the recent sessions list or go directly to the Fusion editor. The editor instantly aligns the photos to remove any slight camera movement and then presents an initial fused result. Then Fusion blends the best exposed areas of the under exposed and over exposed brackets, with the main bracket. The shadow/highlight controls allow you to get the look you want. From subtle lighting improvement to intense HDR. The editor includes all the adjustments you'll need to create a beautiful photo. Basic lighting adjustments and white balance as well as color controls. The session list stores the bracketed photos as you shoot and allows you to go back and re-open sessions for editing. Tech Specs Camera features • spot meter • manual exposure adjustment • histogram display • shake detection • timer • multi-shot session capture Editor features • adjustable highlight and shadow bracket fusing • auto alignment • exposure, contrast and sharpness • white balance • saturation and warmth • crop Session features • thumbnail display of the three brackets • delete sessions • re-open sessions in the editor • store up to 200 sessions

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