Fun Maths, Age 7-11


Fun Maths, Age 7-11

Fun Maths, Age 7-11 is a challenging Maths Quiz program for children aged between 7 and 11. All quizzes come in five interesting formats, testing the users the most common aspects of mathematics, including: - Odd and even numbers - Place values - Times tables - Mental maths and arithmetics - Order of operations (BODMAS) - Identifying patterns - Matching numbers with mathematical expressions and vice versa. In solving these quizzes, this application seeks to encourage the users to think logically and consistently and thereby develop effective problem-solving skills. App Features: - Number Patterns - identify the underlying pattern of a given set of numbers and the identity of a missing number. - Telephone Numbers - compose numbers that conform to certain constraints by using the digits of a given telephone number. - Matching Pairs - match answers with mathematical expressions and vice versa. - Mystery Numbers - guess the mystery number based on a set of characteristics of such number. - Classic Brain Master (a.k.a Master Mind). - Five user-selectable levels of difficulty. - Performance monitoring for each Quiz type and each Difficulty level. - Built-in Stop Watch to time the child's problem solving capability. - Intuitive user interface. - All quizzes are auto-generated by the iOS device and randomized so there is a virtual unlimited set of possibilities. - Universal app - for iPhones and iPads. Parents may also join in and have fun with their children while testing their own mathematical skills! Customers, thank you for your support. If you find this app useful, please rate and give us a review!

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