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Foscam Surveillance Pro

This is the only app you need for controlling your Foscam cameras. Whether you want to protect your business or home, keep an extra eye on your elderly mother or don't want to miss a single second of your new-born baby: this is the app you need. ***************************************** FEATURED IN 75+ APP STORES! 50000+ USERS AND 5250 + REVIEWS WITH AN 4.6 STAR AVERAGE CAN'T BE WRONG. THIS IS THE FOSCAM APP YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. ***************************************** NOTE: Name changed from Foscam Surveillance Pro to Surveillance Pro for Foscam. --------------------------- FEATURES --------------------------- (For a complete list and explanations check - View the live video feed of your cameras - Control cameras in all 8 directions - Motion detection, not only switching on/off also configuring it and setting up the mailserver - FACE TRACKING! - Support for MJPEG and H264 streams - Two-way audio for Foscam MJPEG cameras, that is listen and talk (please understand that the audio quality differs from camera model to camera models) - Mosaic view for showing 4 cameras (in landscape) and 6 cameras (in portrait) simultaneously - Detection of Foscam MJPEG cameras and setup wizard, including setting up WIFI - Swipe in mosaic view to view more other cameras - Go to preset camera positions - Zoom in and out on the image by pinching (even when your camera doesn't support zoom) - Configure motion detection and E-mail settings - Quickly enable/disable the alarm - Fullscreen by rotating the device to a landscape position - Swipe in fullscreen view to select another camera, this only works when not zoomed in (double tap to zoom to 100%) - Take snapshots and save it to your camera roll - Adjust brightness/contrast - Mirror and flip is taken into account (eg, when mounted to a ceiling for example) - Change camera resolution - Switch infrared (IR) on/off - Support for alarm input/output - Multiple camera support (up to 144 cameras) - Possibility to lock PTZ controls and/or rotation - iOS 7.1 tested and supported - Taking full advantage of 3.5” and 4” retina displays - Although this is not a universal app tailored to the iPad, it does use the bigger resolution of the iPad to show a better resolution camera image. - Possibility to lock the app with a pincode *** NOTE THAT NOT EVERY FEATURE WILL WORK WITH EACH CAMERA MODEL *** *** AUDIO QUALITY CAN DIFFER BETWEEN CAMERA MODELS AND IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR ALL MODELS*** -------------------------------- SUPPORTED CAMERAS -------------------------------- Before you buy the app see for a full list Foscam MJPEG cameras like: FI8908W, FI8918W, FI8910W, FI8901W, FI8903W, FI8906W, FI8907W, FI8601, FI8602, FI8604, FI8605, FI8902W, FI8903W, FI8905W, FI8606W, FI8908W, FI8919W. There are a lot of compatible camera from other brands like Apexis, Somikon, Smart Teck/Smartteck, EasyN, Hootoo, Wanscam Full HD support with audio is available for Foscam HD cameras like: FI9801W, FI9802W, FI9804W, FI9805W, FI9818W, FI9821W, FI9821P, FI9826W, FI9828W, FI9831W, FI9831P, FI9851W, FI9853W, FI9851P, FI9853P, FI9803P, FI9816P. Besides Foscam it supports literally hundreds of other brands of MJPEG/JPEG cameras. Please note that advanced features (like motion detection and pan/tilt) are not supported for all cameras. Refer to for a complete list of model numbers and features *3G/4G or wireless network connection required, for use outside your home network you'll need to setup portforwarding on your router, see the FAQ. ---------------------------------------------- FAQ, SUPPORT AND FEATURE REQUESTS ---------------------------------------------- Please rate or review this app, for feature requests or other support questions please visit We are an independent software development company, not related to Foscam

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    Only one with night vision
    This is the best IP camera app out there - bar none”
    Most user friendly surveillance monitoring app hands down”
    Best foscam app well worth it paid app”
    I use this app more than any other webcam app
    The developer listens to input and regularly improves the app”
    This app is great I use it to keep track of my baby boy”
    View the live video feed of your cameras”
    Great app with perfect tech support
    Need a PUSH alert with TONE feature on motion detection”
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    Overall a terrible app and horrible customer service

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