FLIP Sports: Real-Time Fantasy Football


FLIP Sports: Real-Time Fantasy Football

FLIP Sports is a social and competitive fantasy football game played in real-time during a live football match. You choose the match you want to play and select the players to be in your fantasy team. Players are awarded or deducted points in real-time based on their actions on the pitch and the aim is to use your superior management skills to outscore your opponent by the final whistle. You choose who you play and when you play them and because you're in control of your fantasy team, you get to experience the thrill and despair of real life football management as events unfold live on the pitch. Key Features: IT'S SIMPLE AND EASY TO PLAY: whether you're an avid fantasy fan or new to the game. PLAY WHO YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT: no long-term commitment. MULTIPLE CHALLENGE TYPES: head to head and private and public leagues with overall leaderboards to see how you compare against friends. IT'S SOCIAL: send chat and banter icons to opponents during the game. IN-GAME STRATEGY FEATURES: to test your skill and knowledge versus your opponents. STATS AND DATA: real-time and season long news, insight and analysis on matches, teams and players. Follow us @: Facebook: facebook.com/flipsportsapp Twitter: twitter.com/flipsportsapp

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