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FitnessMeter - Test & Measure

Highly versatile fitness testing and performance evaluation - getting fit has never been easier! FitnessMeter is an advanced timing and measurement tool, useful for various forms of fitness testing. Aimed at both coaches evaluating multiple athletes and individuals monitoring their own performance, the app can be applied to a variety of different tests in order to measure speed, agility, jumping altitude and overall physical condition. FitnessMeter includes the following tools: Flying Sprint Using the camera view, FitnessMeter measures the top speed or acceleration of a sprinter over a predetermined distance of 10-20 m. Two red lines, functioning as timing gates, aid in identifying the points between which running time is measured. Sprint and Shuttle This mode can be applied to both sprints and agility tests. The app functions as a starting gun and a timing gate, and can be configured to handle several different types of tests, from conventional sprint to more complex drills, such as the 505 Agility test. Vertical Jump FitnessMeter records a short video that allows you to easily measure the height of a jump. If you are evaluating your own performance, put the iPhone in your pocket and use the accelerometer tool instead. Repetitions FitnessMeter can count and time various repetitive activities such as sit-ups, push-ups, step-ups, etc. The iPhone can be placed beside you, using the camera to track repetitions using motion detection, or attached to yourself to allow monitoring through the accelerometer. Beep Test A configurable Beep Test that saves an image after each lap, which makes it easy to keep track of results, even for a large group of runners. See the demo video at the support url "A serious must have" "FitnessMeter is an awesome tool" "Super cool app that measures a whole bunch of fitness related exercises."

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