Fitness Test pro


Fitness Test pro

Fitness Test Pro is the ultimate tool for fitness testing. The app contains a number of the most widely used and valid fitness tests. Create one or more profiles and manage profiles in groups as needed. Instruction is given from the app and results can be quickly stored and transferred to any spreadsheet software. NEW: New programmable interval timer. TESTS INCLUDED: • Coopers 12-min run • Bruce treadmill test • Any distance run test • Beep-test (Yo-Yo test) • The Andersen test • Watt-max bicycle test • Aastrand bicycle test • To-stage bicycle test • The Danish step test • One mile walk test OTHER FUNCTIONS Three useful tools that can be used generally in testing and training: • Calculation of heart rate • Interval Timer • Pace / speed calculator GPS tracks distance so you can perform running tests on any road. Timing and ”follow the display” in relevant tests. Option for vibration in relevant tests. Create any number of profiles and divide them into groups. This way it is easy to work with for example sports teams or PE-classes on the same installation. Results can be exported as CSV files which can be opened in any spreadsheet software. Supports metric and imperial units IDEAL USE: • Personal use (test yourself) • Personal Trainers • Coaches of sports teams • Physical education teachers • Physiotherapists The user interface is specially designed to suit the demands of a test situation and all tests are based on scientific evidence and acknowledged physiological theory.

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