Fire truck driver - 3D parking


Fire truck driver - 3D parking

To save the city from burning its necessary that the fire department trains a lot. The fire truck drivers need to be very fast on the right spot. So the other fireman can put the fire out. Driving a fire truck as fast as possible and without crashing into parked cars or traffic is an extremely difficult task for every skilled driver. A fire truck driver needs the most skilled driver in his or her department. Therefore training is necessary, so keep your eyes on the timer and try to park the fire truck as quick as possible. So when the fire alarm goes off you are ready to go and save every building in the city. The story off this 3D parking fire truck driver is that you just started working on the city’s fire department for some time now. And before you can drive the fire truck as a real fire truck driver you need to pass the training the fire department captain has set out a large amount of missions you need to complete successfully. After this parking training you know how to arrive at a fire at the right way, know how to park the truck and especially you know how to drive and park this big rig fire truck. So if you think you have the skills at the steering wheel, go ahead and prove it in this fun and exciting 3D parking fire truck driver game. As a fire truck driver you can control your fire truck with a steering wheel, use the brake to slow down. To move your fire truck forward you can use the acceleration pedals. Change the view so you can take a look from inside the truck at the situation and so the fire department captain knows you are the new departments truck driver. So fireman have fun parking your fire truck in this new 3D parking fire truck driver. This parking game is free to download. Game features -Game has four awesome fire trucks that you can drive and park -Real life fire truck parking situations, experience the cool 3D environment -Realistic car parking controls -Cool dynamic driver gameplay -Extreme precision driving simulator -Park according to the arrow in the parking place -Time is not on your side, you got limited time to park successfully -More new exciting fire truck parking levels will follow

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