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Quickly create music and explore songwriting from any skill level. Used by over 45 thousand users worldwide. Learn about chord progressions, scales, instrumentation, harmony, music theory, and composition, both in the classroom and on your own. MIDI output lets you connect to other apps and desktop software as you play. Progress through eight levels: from a simple palette of common chords, to more advanced chord inversions, seventh chords, out-of-key accidentals, chromatic riffs, and even microtonal sliding chords and analog note-bends. There’s also a campfire mode with common major, minor, and seventh chords so you can quickly play along with any song that has chord notation. Fiddlewax Blue also lets you choose from eight built-in instruments (including true piano, guitar, and xylophone samples), as well as four user instruments you can record (just whistle, hum, or tap on something around you) for an endless supply of sounds to experiment with. And when you’re ready, play and record your song to save for later, import into other programs, or share with your friends. Feature overview: • 8 play modes from simple to advanced (6 - 48 chords). • 8 built-in instruments + 4 user-recorded instruments. • Record and share up to two minutes of your music. • Select key root note + 8 scale modes (Major, Minor, etc.). • Realtime MIDI output via WiFi and MIDI file saving. • Virtual MIDI support (send MIDI out to other iOS apps). • Realtime audio scope (time, frequency, and octave modes). • Learning hints indicate notes in the active chord. • Great for all experience levels, from beginners to experts. • Precision interface optimized for 10-finger multitouch. • Uses device language (English, Spanish, French, or German). Fiddlewax instruments are designed from the ground up to enable anyone who enjoys music to experiment, play, and create their own songs without formal teaching or instruction. Beginners can have fun by fiddling around with how notes, chords, and samples sound together. Over time, the hints on each key (note name, chord degree, chord type, etc.) become a powerful way to learn about music and compose phrases or songs. Every aspect of Fiddlewax puts music first. The simple interface helps musicians focus on what they’re creating; there are no ads, faux-wood textures, or frivolous interaction to distract from the creative process. Fiddlewax takes the best of both physical and virtual instruments to create something totally new. Full 10-finger multitouch support and maximum playing area provide for seamless digital interaction, while under the hood, samples are processed and routed as analog signals with variable frequency and timing. Give Fiddlewax a try, and amplify your inner voice.

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