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Sprout Fertility & Period Tracker

The makers of Sprout Pregnancy, a Time Magazine Best App, welcome Sprout Fertility & Period Tracker. This handy app has everything you need to track and understand your cycle whether you are trying to conceive or simply want to track your period. Sprout Fertility & Period Tracker is smart – and the more you use it, the ‘smarter’ it gets. The app accurately predicts your cycle phases, fertility window, ovulation and period dates based on your unique data. ** This app is not intended to be a substitute for birth control, and should not under any circumstances be used as such. ** SPROUT FEATURES • No need to register - we never ask for your personal information to use the app! • Innovative “CYCLE-O-METER” tells you instantly where you are in your cycle • Clean and easy-to-use design - enter data effortlessly! • Predictions get smarter over time as the app learns more about you • View past cycle history and averages • Set custom reminders • iCloud data backup • PDF Report for doctor visits with cycle, health and fertility data PERIOD TRACKER (FREE!) • Easily add your flow dates • View future projected period dates • Review cycle history and averages • Log symptoms, moods, medications and notes • Set custom reminders to alert you when your period is about to start FERTILITY TRACKER FOR PREGNANCY (FREE TRIAL!) • Use physician-recommended fertility awareness methods to identify your ovulation day and most fertile window as you try to conceive • Track key fertility indicators, including Cervical Fluid, Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Cervical Position • View clear and simple calendar and fertility charts that allow you understand your fertile window and ovulation predictions at a glance • Automatically determines temperature shift and peak day to identify your ovulation day • View your follicular and luteal phase lengths • Set custom reminders to enter morning temperature or to tell you when you are entering your fertile window PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDED “Regularly tracking fertility indicators during your cycle is one the most effective ways to increase your chances of conceiving. The Sprout Fertility & Period Tracker app is an easy to use tool that has been designed to actually get smarter and more accurate the more you use it.” - Eva Martin, MD Sprout Fertility & Period Tracker is part of the Sprout family of apps. Sprout: Great Apps for Great Parents

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