Feedback Sports Bicycle Maintenance Tracker


Feedback Sports Bicycle Maintenance Tracker

The Feedback Sports bicycle maintenance tracking app turns your iPhone into a simple maintenance and component log for all of your bicycles. You can set reminders related to future checks and maintenance. You can also keep track of all the components on your bike and export these lists. Drop down lists make the process simpler. Our goal is to consolidate your bicycle maintenance and component lists into one place with a simple to use app. We wanted to rid our workbench of random notebooks and unorganized pieces of paper. This app achieves that goal. This maintenance tracker helps you remember things like: • When did I put those new tires on my road bike? • When did I add sealant to my tubeless tires? • How much did I pay for that new saddle? How much did it weigh? • How long ago did I replace my chain? The app is also helpful if you want to show the maintenance history of your bike to your local bike shop. Also when you go to sell the bike, your list of components and their cost is at your fingertips. This app does NOT: • Tell you how to fix your bike • Keep track of multiple bicycle miles through GPS • Try to sell you anything Feedback Sports is known for its high quality bicycle work stands, versatile home storage racks and precision measurement tools. As avid cyclists, our goal is to design products that we need...this app fits that philosophy.

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