feather for Twitter - a light Twitter app


feather for Twitter - a light Twitter app

Why not try out the simple, sleek, and stylish Twitter client that achieved the number 1 ranking among Japanese social networking services? • Streaming feature without the need to worry about refresh rates • Powerful Timeline feature with mute function. • Tweet screen with draft and automatic user name/hash tag completion functions. • Stylish dark look. • All features are shown neatly at the bottom of the screen for easy use even on iPhone 6 devices! Many more convenient features too! ? Link with Boxcar to Receive Favorite and Retweet Notifications ? ????????? feather for Twitter is an app designed to make Twitter even easier to use in all types of situations! This app combines a simple, easy-to-use layout with tons of features sure to please Twitter-savvy users, such as a Twitter list feature, the ability to directly access the Timelines of multiple accounts using tabs, and much more. ?????????????? Do you ever feel like this? ?????????????? It’s so annoying to have to go back and forth between multiple account Timelines. I want to open the list right away, but its buried and hard to find! I want to Tweet now, but I can’t because the page I’m on now doesn’t have a Tweet button! feather for Twitter provides you with a revolutionary tab feature and functionality to let you breeze through your Twitter life. ??????????????? Special Features of the App ??????????????? ?? First-of-its-Kind Tab Feature?? Check out the new Tab feature that lets you register your favorite pages! There’s absolutely no limit on the number of tabs you can have, so register away! Easily switch between tabs by swiping, even if you’ve got tons! Register your favorite pages to customize the client as you please! You can register any of the following pages for each account using the Tab feature. • Timeline • Mentions • Lists • Searches • Favorites • Browser • Profile • Direct Messages Many more planned for the near future! ?? Fun and Convenient Bonus Features ?? Swipe Tweets to see an animation and a shortcut displayed! Absolutely no need to switch between the Reply, Favorite, or Retweet screens! You’re sure to fall for all these sweet little bonuses! ?? Easy-to-Use Tweet Screen Packed with Features ?? Tweet the track your listening to now, post photos from your camera roll and more all with one tap! Comes equipped with a feature that lets you switch between accounts even on the Tweet screen! Use the following features even from the Tweet screen! • Swipe to switch between Twitter accounts. • Tweet the track your listening to now. • Take and post photos. • Post photos from the camera roll. • User name and hashtag auto-complete function. ?? Tweet Button You Can’t Help But Press ?? We’ve put a Tweet button at the bottom of the screen! With no need to extend your finger to the top of the screen, just Tweet away with almost no effort! You can also place the Tweet button wherever you like to match your preference perfectly. It’s super easy to move around, so give it a try! ?????? Contact Us ?????? We look forward to any questions, comments, or requests you may have. Please contact us over our official Twitter account (@feather_ios), or by email at (feather-app@covelline.com). It’s easier for us to get back to you or take your feedback into consideration when you contact us by Twitter account or email, so please don’t just leave an App Store review if you have something really important to say! ?????? ???????????????????????????

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