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Fart Tester

The Fart Tester is the first fully automated, easy to use electronic gauge for pointing out people's private puffs. Fantastic in elevators or making new friends. Simply activate the Fart Tester, place your iPhone near someone's derriere (no fart required) and the Fart Tester instantly rates and describes the nature of the odorous expulsion. Using 100% non-patented technology, the Fart Tester can humiliate and embarrass the most uptight of tooters. Featuring over 30 phrases to describe the nature of the gas just passed, Fart Tester is a guaranteed riot at the home, the office or the space station. The Fart Tester is definitely recommended for use on bosses or in crowded theaters and especially for meeting women in bars. Please be sure to use poor taste and inappropriate settings with Fart Tester. Please do use the Fart Tester irresponsibly. Approved by the Fart Blaster Association! Fun entertainment application that simulates rating the quality of a fart. While all the other fart oriented applications focus on creating farts, Fart Tester rates farts according to professional standards. Contains live video of the FBA Approved Fart Tester himself actually testing farts followed by a humorous explanation as to the quality and impact on the local environment of the fart itself. No foul language, some celebrity impersonations, and over 30 comments to entertain or to surprise your friends. Fart Tester, FBA Approved and Fart Blaster Association are Trademarks of BrandX Games, LLC (c)2009 BrandX Games, LLC All Rights Reserved SKU# 2009002

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