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Five stars is not good enough. 10,20,30 even 40 stars. I have been searching for ages for the perfect fake texting app and this is it. I have fooled many people and I just love it! [Oliviaedmunds] English, català, dansk, Nederlands, français, español, ????????, ?????, magyar, bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, ???, Melayu, Norwegian Nynorsk, polski, português, român, ???????, svenska, ???????, Türk, ???????????, Vi?t The only app that support 21 languages A brief explanation The idea is to write a conversation about a sensitive issue such as cheating girlfriend / boyfriend, pregnant, confession about something that not happened Then show the conversation to friend while you're on the verge of tears and can't explain what happened then you tell him you read and understand And look at his face that he really going to cry Then tell it did not happen that was a joke Website Reviews: Apps On Tapp - " SMS Faker with Bluetooth is a clever way to fake SMS conversations to trick friends." (old name) http://www.appsontapp.com/sms-faker-with-bluetooth/ Users Reviews: Pinkygirlutah Aaaaaagggggg! ????? That scream was a scream of pure joy. Without this app my life would be nothing! No problems in the app, everything is perfect! I know nothing is perfect but this app izzzzzz! Wonderful! Emizee<3 Fake SMS ????? This is an amazing app full of hours of fun and i am thrilled that this app exists I have tricked many friends and wish to trick many more me and my best Ellie have both got the app and enjoy it very much Kaylaechols Great!!:) ????? It's really good! It's the best in fact. It really needs more upgrades though. I love it!!! :) It's DEFINITELY worth 99€! I think they should make it free for like 2 weeks to let everyone see how great it is, and then put it back to 99€. I'm amazed. It looks so real. Just like the real iPhone's messages. :) Oogabaloogadooga Best app ever ????? Omg i love this app its sorta better than punksms cuz it cant stay on topic but the prob with the app im not saying its bad but when u type to someone and you trick your friend u have to make them look away so u can pretend to be the other person Video Reviews: Jasmine - http://youtu.be/Cmpksi13I3w Michele - http://youtu.be/2yDk6eRtYmM Jerry - http://youtu.be/SG2w0wTZSX4 Tutorial - http://youtu.be/4Nij35Jx2g4 Ideas for jokes Show your friends conversation that you’re talking with other friend and * He was attracted to mens * She loves you and wants to break up from her boyfriend * Your girlfriend dump you in SMS * Pretend you're texting celebrities * Fake confession Show your girlfriend conversation that you’re talking with other friend and * He saw your girlfriend with someone else * Her friend say that she lied to you about something * She pregnant Jokes, alibi, cheats, love, secrets ... no limit to your imagination! Properly The Best Fake SMS Conversation App in the App Store Features * Offline Mode - by writing messages to both sides * Online Mode - by writing messages to your side and with other friend that connected to you in bluetooth and faking the victim side * Receive Fake Message Instructions Offline Mode 1) Write messages and send with "Send Button" 2) To fake received message just write and press on the "Camera Button" Online Mode 1) Click "Call Button" to active bluetooth and connect to your friend 2) Write messages and send with "Send Button" (your friend also use "Send Button") The victim see live sms chat conversation *** use in "Camera Button" to fake received message and your friend see * with the fake message Receive Fake Message Notification 1) Write Message in Text Message Field 2) Click "Contact Info Button" 3) Close the app The fake message received with received message sound after 15 seconds Have Fun Fake SMS+ Please rate us ????? stars on AppStore. Your high ratings and reviews keep the updates coming. For entertainment purposes only and does not sending real SMS

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