The Exoplanet app is a highly visual and interactive catalogue of all known exoplanets. Exoplanets are planets orbiting stars beyond our own Solar System. It is frequently updated whenever new discoveries are confirmed. An amazing model of the Milky Way lets you explore our universe all the way from the Solar System to the cosmic microwave background. This app has been developed and is maintained by a professional astronomer. Main features: * Interactive visualisations and animations. * Physical properties of all detected exoplanets and their host stars, updated on a daily basis. * Stunning 3D model of our Milky Way showing the location of all known exoplanets. You can zoom into any planetary system, explore how the night sky and the constellations look from the surface of other planets, or zoom out and see other local galaxies and galaxy clusters as well as the cosmic microwave background. * Visualisations of exoplanet orbits and the habitable zone. * Push notifications are sent out whenever a new planet is discovered. * Augmented reality sky map: point the phone towards the sky to find an exoplanet! * Interactive multi-touch correlation plots. * Extensive background information on exoplanets and detection methods. * Full support of planets in binary, triple, quadruple systems and orphan planets. * Real-time ray tracing on the GPU. * Experimental support for Philips hue (changes the color of the light bulbs according to the temperature of the currently selected star). * Includes alternative identifiers from Uwingu. Send comments, questions and suggestions to the developer at exoplanet@hanno-rein.de You can also follow exoplanet announcements and updates on Twitter and Facebook: http://twitter.com/ExoplanetApp http://facebook.com/ExoplanetApp

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    Exoplanet is an outstanding app for the amateur astronomer
    The Next Generation of educational apps
    Very user-friendly and educational app
    The space nerd factor is off the charts”
    Not only is it interesting to keep up to date with the latest exoplanets”
    And detailed information on all planet discoveries outside our solar system”
    It's amazing to stay informed about exoplanet discoveries as they're announced”
    Simply mind boggling
    My students love this app”
    It's also fun to create the Big Bang
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