Everyday First Aid LITE


Everyday First Aid LITE

People do not seek emergencies but emergencies find them! And when they do you can be adequately prepared to care for a family member or stranger. Arriving on the scene of a crisis is often time-sensitive and stressful. Whether you are at home, on vacation, or in transit, Everyday First Aid LITE offers clear, concise, and well-organized information to help you stay ready! Everyday First Aid LITE is a sample of what you can expect to find in the full version. Explore numerous topics that are beautifully illustrated. Each topic is broken down into summaries, symptoms, treatment, causes, risk factors, prevention, and additional information. Download the app today and decide for yourself the value it can provide! WITH EVERYDAY FIRST AID LITE, YOU CAN: • Review first aid information anytime-anywhere, no connection to the Internet required! • Store and access your emergency and medical information with the click of a button! • Review general first aid information to become a responsible caregiver! • “E-Mail a Friend” to inform them on topics included in the pocket guide! • Enjoy easy-to-navigate, concise, well-organized and in-depth information on a wide range of topics! OUR POCKET GUIDE INCLUDES: Introduction: - First Aid: General - First Aid: Kits Training: - Choking - CPR - Wound Cleaning & Dressing - Germ Prevention Select A Topic: - Allergic Reactions - Amputation - Asthma - Bites & Stings: General - Bites & Stings: Animal - Bites & Stings: Bee - Bites & Stings: Human - Bites & Stings: Jellyfish - Bites & Stings: Scorpion - Bites & Stings: Snake - Bites & Stings: Spider - Bites & Stings: Ticks - Black Eye - Bleeding: General - Blister (Vesicle) - Breathing Difficulty - Broken: General Bones - Bruise - Burns: General - Burns: Chemical - Burns: Electrical - Burns: Sunburn - Chemical Emergencies - Cold Sore - Concussion - Confusion - Cough - Cuts & Puncture Wounds - Dislocation - Dizziness - Ear Injury - Electrical Injury - Eye Injury - Fainting - Fever - Frostbite - Headache: Migraine - Laceration - Motion Sickness - Nausea & Vomiting - Neck Pain - Nosebleeds - Object: Inhaled & Swallowed - Object: Nose - Poison Ivy - Seizure: General - Seizure: Febrile - Skull Fracture - Spinal Injury - Splinter Removal - Sprain - Strep Throat - Stroke - Tooth Loss - Toothache - Vertigo WHAT DO YOU WANT IN EVERYDAY FIRST AID? HAVE YOUR SAY: feedback@portablemonster.com

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