Evangelism Awakening


Evangelism Awakening

Learn to effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This app includes: -A presentation for sharing the Gospel -Two audio sermons to challenge and equip you. -A week by week program for launching Evangelism Awakening training in your church -Evangelism memory verses ENDORSEMENTS False conversions abound and this app will be used to bring some to the light of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This resource is highly recommended and makes having an iphone device worthwhile now. May this be the means of a true evangelism awakening for some in the body of Christ. -Greg Gordon, Founder of SermonIndex.net We live in a day and age where unprecedented numbers of people feel "entitled" to the grace of eternal life. It is refreshing and challenging to see an evangelism tool that so clearly and emphatically declares man's lost and hopeless condition; the Savior's true and gracious redemption; and the Spirit's quick and complete regeneration. As an itinerant evangelist for over 30 years I highly endorse the use of Evangelism Awakening all across our land and the world. -David L. Ford, Pres. Globe For Christ Int'l., Inc. www.globeforchrist.com E. A. Johnston has put together a very helpful and strategic tool that will, for many Christians, be used by God to help them be more effective in their obedience to the call to reach the world with the glorious gospel of Christ. The hour is late and this App will stir hearts to freshly give themselves to the greatest privilege we have on earth...being used by God to rescue the perishing and to win precious souls to The Lord Jesus Christ. May many take advantage of this encouraging App! -Al Whittinghill, evangelist, Ambassadors For Christ "This App will not only enable believers to evangelize more effectively, but the discipline of scripture memorization really helps our maturity in our walk with Christ." -Tommie Scott, evangelist and author of The Tommie Scott Story--From Gang to Christian Soldier I warmly recommend the App, "Evangelism Awakening". Dr. Johnston is a warm-hearted gospel trumpeter, who has a passion for the old biblical gospel to be spread widely to all those who are yet outside of the grace of Jesus Christ. His message is in line with the Word of God and sets forth the only saving message there is, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinful man and it is His power alone that can rescue the worst of sinners. -Mack Tomlinson, Pastor, Providence Chapel, Denton, Texas The battle today is "What is the gospel?" Is it necessary to preach "repentance" and "Christ as Lord and Savior?" This App, "Evangelism Awakening", gives instructions in the true gospel message and the divine order of its presentation. Use it and direct others to daily give the gospel taught in the New Testament and by our Baptist forefathers. I thank God for its availability in this form. -Dr. Bob Doom, Revival Literature I found this approach to be the one God had blessed down through the ages, until some people looked for a quick fix, diluted gospel to bring in large numbers of people into churches, but without genuine repentance and faith. It has been heart-warming to read Dr Johnston's gospel presentation and found someone who made the same discovery about the gospel as I had. I can heartily commend his presentation and pray that God will bless its use abundantly. -Dr. Digby James, Pastor Quinta Church, England

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