Evanesce: Photo & Video Share


Evanesce: Photo & Video Share

Your friends better act fast! With the Evanesce social networking app, you can send video and photo messages that self-destruct 15 seconds after being viewed. Adding to the fun, your video and photo messages can be sent to friends anonymously. The Daily App show says, “You’ll never have to worry about your friends saving those embarrassing selfies that you've sent them!” With a robust and intuitive interface, Evanesce offers an exciting new way for users to communicate with friends. Sending messages is quick and easy. All users need to do is tap on the camera button on the main screen and then select the photo or video of their choosing. After that, it is as simple as deciding who to send your message to and whether or not your message should be anonymous. With Evanesce and its self-destruct feature, you have a new and bold way to surprise your friends with a video or photo message of your choosing. After just 15 seconds, that message will disappear forever. Never again do you have to worry about a text coming back to haunt you! The more friends you have, the greater the fun and excitement. Features: *Send video or photo messages that self-destruct 15 seconds after being viewed. *Send messages anonymously with ease *Anything can be sent anonymously and will only exist for 15 seconds *Intuitive user interface *Users can send and receive message via main page *Friend requests show up and can be rejected from main page *Friends tab allows you to instantly see their friends and requests awaiting a response *Video and photo messages have different icons *Shows each individual message, even when there are multiple messages from same person *Viewing messages is easy. Just tap and hold an individual screen and the message loads. *please report any objectionable content and users that generate this content to support@logbie.com. This will not be tolerated and any incident will be investigated and handled in accordance with our terms of service.

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