Share something different. enroot encourages a different kind of sharing compared to the traditional self-advertising of social media. Sharing that goes a bit deeper into who we are and what it is like living the human experience; an anonymous anti-social network not looking to make friends, but to share understanding. What are you thinking about? What is he thinking about? Let’s find out. Contribute to the collective consciousness project, a mobile repository for anonymous thought and feeling. Our reality is shared but experienced independently. Our interpretation of events is structured around a lifetime of small and grand moments. Some cultivated and weeded. Others pruned and discarded. Underneath it all are the roots that keep us planted in the rich dirt of life, growing deeper and wider. Uncover your roots. Let us listen in on your anonymous inner dialogue. Tell us something witty, smart, boring, scary, sad. Providing demographic information will enhance the experience by allowing users to filter messages based on similarities and differences. Names and emails are not collected. Again, this is anonymous. View posts from others. Filter posts by the type of message or the background of the posters. Let posters know you have heard them. Watch a map populated by emotion. enroot—where you comin’ from?

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