Enlightening Inspirational Quotes


Enlightening Inspirational Quotes

ENLIGHTENED QUOTES FROM THE GROUNDBREAKING BESTSELLER Enjoy 200 wise quotes from “Answers From Silence”, the contemporary classic about spiritual enlightenment by Jeffrey Chappell. Listen to the author, an international concert pianist, play his own serene composition, “Candlelight”, while you read. “Answers From Silence” traces the journey from a narrow personal focus to a cosmic viewpoint of timeless existence, as guided by the Enlightened Self. In just a few words, the clarity and power of these quotes can resonate with your own deep inner truth. You can set a time of day to post a quote automatically to your lock screen. And you can share the quotes on Facebook, Twitter, messaging, and e-mail. Like the book, Enlightening Inspirational Quotes can be enjoyed again and again. Some sample quotes: “You don’t need to follow a path. What you need to do is to sit still.” “You shouldn’t take anything personally. Except what you do to yourself.” “Your lesson is to love imperfection perfectly.” Premium features include: • 200 quotes • “Candlelight” solo piano soundtrack • swipe screen to browse the collection of quotes • set timer for lock screen quote to appear • mark your favorite quotes • cut and paste easily • share on Facebook, Twitter, messaging, and e-mail • music on/off switch • no ads

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