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* This is an English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary for Japanese users by NAVER Japan. This app features audio pronunciation (English only) and provides vast arrays of examples. A full-sized English-Japanese, Japanese-English and English-English Dictionary to your iPhone!! ・Free app ・540,000 words, proverbs and idioms ・Approximately 27 million examples ・Audio pronunciation (English only) ・Bookmark function for words This service provides vast arrays of examples (27 million) collected from SHOGAKUKAN’s “e-Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary” and “Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary” and words, proverbs and idioms (540,000 in total) from “Collins English Dictionary” of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd along with examples from major news sites worldwide and other websites. Simple to use anytime, anywhere, when in need of electronic dictionary. ※3G or Wi-Fi connection required for your mobile phone during use. ●Display search history Saves up to latest 1,000th word in search history. ●Auto-complete function If you type in a word to look for in a search window, it automatically shows you predictive suggestions. ●Pronunciation play function (English only) Just like PC version, you may listen to pronunciation of the word or given example. ●Bookmark function for words You may save up to 1,000 words that you wish to view more until you memorize or those you frequently use, with only one tap! ●Search again on the spot You may search for the meaning of some words in provided example by just tapping, on the spot.

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