English Flashcards - My Favourite Animals


English Flashcards - My Favourite Animals

English Flashcards - My Favourite Animals A Classic app for the kids that will help them learn their early words and teach them how to read and how to improve their speech. We have selected our favourite animals that all kids will recognise and be stimulated by - can you think of anymore?? This is a collection of over 45 Flashcards that have easily recognised day to day things such as Dog, Sheep, Zebra etc - just press the word to magically hear it spoken. The kids can swipe forward and backwards and choose their favourite words to look at and hear. This app is particularly useful for youngsters who are behind in their speech and need encouragement to speak clearly. The user will instantly recognise what the word is and can be encouraged to mimic the spoken word. Words included in this "My Favourite Animals" series are; Dog Cat Cow Deer Donkey Duck Bird Badger Chicken Fish Frog Gerbil Goose Guinea Pig Horse Mouse Penguin Pig Puppy Rabbit Rat Sheep Squirrel Tortoise Pony Alligator Bear Camel Crocodile Dragon Elephant Giraffe Gorilla Hamster Hedgehog Hippopotamus Kangaroo Lion Monkey Panda Shark Tiger Zebra Leopard Meercat Lemar

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