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EMT Academy Exam Prep

EMT Academy is a thorough training guide and practice exam for EMT-Basic level EMS personnel. Pass your NREMT certification exam with flying colors, or keep your skills sharp long after you become certified. Written in the style of the NREMT certification exam using scenario-based questions based on current and latest EMS material. There are flashcards, and there are flashcards. We’ve been at this since the Palm Pilot! Here are some advanced features that we provide, that set us apart from the competition: —Questions are revised and updated multiple times per year; you can easily email a question to us for an explanation or comment —Search for keywords to review a particular topic —Some cards include full color illustrations; most include explanations when helpful —Universal app that supports iPhone and iPads, screen rotation, and all the things you expect, including the iPhone 6's —Cards can be bookmarked for quick access later —You can go back and just look at the questions you missed —Advanced score tracking keeps track of your progress daily, weekly, and monthly —GAME CENTER support so you can play with friends, compete on leaderboards, and earn achievements —There are no in-app purchases required to unlock the “real” app NOTE: Some people post reviews (instead of emailing us) saying that our CPR is out of date because we mention "ABC". Our CPR guidelines clearly follow CAB. However, it's entirely appropriate to use the expression "check the ABC's" during assessment and this is widely used in EMS. It has nothing to do with the CPR sequence if that becomes necessary. We believe in quality over quantity, yet we still provide OVER 1000 QUALITY MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS for EMT, with explanations, divided into these chapters: --PREPARATORY-- EMS Systems Safety & Wellness Legal & Ethical Issues Communications Documentation The Human Body Lifting & Moving --ASSESSMENT-- Vitals & SAMPLE Patient Assessment --AIRWAY-- --MEDICAL-- General Pharmacology Respiratory Emergencies Cardiovascular Emergencies Neurologic Emergencies Acute Abdominal Pain Diabetes & AMS Allergic Reactions Toxicology Behavioral Emergencies --TRAUMA-- Trauma Overview Bleeding & Shock Soft Tissue Injuries Face & Neck Injuries Head & Spine Injuries Chest Injuries Abdominal Injuries Musculoskeletal Injuries Environmental Emergencies --SPECIAL POPULATIONS-- Obstetrics & Neonatal Pediatrics Geriatrics --EMS OPERATIONS-- Transport Operations Extrication & Rescue Incident Management Terrorism & Disasters —BLS RESUSCITATION-- --ALS TECHNIQUES-- Advanced Airway Track your scores and progress along the way. We also provide over 300 "electronic flashcards" for another method of learning. THAT'S OVER 1300 EMT QUESTIONS! But that's not all. We also include the EMS Toolkit, which many people find just as valuable as the practice questions. Here's what you get in the EMS Toolkit: • EMS Scenarios - Practice in pairs or small groups with these step by step, ready made scenarios. • CPR Reference - Updated for latest AHA guidelines using CAB, we provide a reference to the proper steps in CPR, test questions to prepare you for your annual recert, and even a audio metronome that tells you the proper cadence for compressions. • NREMT Testing Tips - A summary of what you should know before taking the NREMT exam. • Documentation Guide - Things to consider and document for most common emergencies. Also, a quick reference to those acronyms like OQPRST and DCAP/BTLS. • NREMT-B Psychomotor Skills Exam - Practical exam checklists for common EMT-B skills so you can make sure you perform every step properly, exactly as spelled out by NREMT. • EMT-B Skills Guides - We've also added "how-to" guides on how to perform key EMT skills like taking Blood Pressure and using an EpiPen. • NREMT-B Recertification - This tells you what you need to do to recert (number of hours, categories, etc.)

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