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Add emoticons to you text messages, notes, and emails! Express yourself in new and creative ways! why type boring messages: Want to get food and drinks? when you could type: Want to and Don't be fooled by the 'free' name. This is the full version, and is better than the paid emoji apps. over 460 icons to choose from: people:  animals:  places:  food:  silliness:  and many, many more! With over  million downloads, discover why Emoji Free is the greatest app ever! ━━━━━ Common Questions ━━━━━ • Q: Where can I use these icons? • A: In text messages, emails, notes, web sites, or almost anywhere you can type text! • Q: Can non iPhone/iPod users see these icons? • A: Sadly, no. Only Apple devices can display the icons. To everyone else the icons show up as jibberish. This is a limitation of the Emoji character set, and all Emoji apps behave this way. • Q: If I pay money for a different emoji app, will I get something better? • A: NO. All Emoji apps have the same icons, because the icons are already present on your device. The app simply enables the emoji keyboard that's normally hidden from you. ━━━━━ about Emoji Tumble ━━━━━ Also included is Emoji Tumble, a physics based sandbox! Emojis respond to: ▪ touches/drags across the screen ▪ double tapping ▪ gravity and movement of your device for extra fun, type 'fish' 'lift' 'rotate' or 'fire' into the tumble text box. Keywords can optionally include a positive/negative number, such as 'lift3' or 'rotate-2' ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Question or comment? We love emails! support@awesomest-software.com

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    This app is sooooo cool i love it its super fun
    Lol anyways i am in lov with this awesome game
    Which is equal to one $10 iTunes gift card
    It is so cool to text my friends with this”
    Great money saving app”
    Everyone ask where I got All the cool icons
    Make Harry potter emojis”
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