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Elements of Photography

A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel. - Peter Adams Elements of Photography (EoP) is the most comprehensive app on the marketplace on photography. Instead of boggling down with huge amount of text or long boring videos, EoP uses targeted small chunks of text backed by beautiful full screen HD photos. EoP includes chapters, tools, quiz and tips – designed in a way to help amateur and budding photographers understand the elements of photography and not let the camera become a technological barrier between the cameraman and the subject. The tools and tips are always close at hand for reference. The quiz section is included to check your understanding of the photography concepts. Chapters are organized with a smooth inclination making it easy for the absolute beginner to understand the basics of photography. Starting from the very basic topics like focal length, shutter speed etc. to more advanced topics like metering, exposure triangle and flash photography. EoP is the complete reference available right at your figure tip. Designed using special dynamic content scaling technology – it seamlessly works on different screen resolution and sizes. From phones to tablets: you will get a uniform user experience. Stunning HD graphics on supporting devices. Chapters-> Basics 1 is available in base version. Rest can be unlocked via in-app purchase. Chapters •Basics 1 oDSLRs vs Others oFocal Length oShutter Speed oAperture oISO •Basics 2 oComposition oDepth of Field oHistogram oMetering oHDR/Exp-bracketing oRaw vs Jpg •Exposure Triangle •Camera Modes oShutter Priority oAperture Priority oProgram mode oFull Manual oOther modes •Flash Photography •EV Chart/Table Tools •Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distance calculator (supports custom circle of confusion) •EV Table and Chart •Basic interactions between light and camera parameters Quiz (56 targeted questions in all) •Basics 1 •Basics 2 •Advance Questions Tips (over 30 sub-sections) •General Tips oWhen to use manual oLow light photography oExposure compensation oWhen to use flash •Travel oAerial Shots oLandscapes oCityscapes oLandmarks oCulture and Traditions oSeascapes/Waterfalls oSunrise/Sunset oSnow •Wildlife oAnimals/Zoo oBirds oPets oAquariums oInsects •People and Portraits oPortraits oWedding Shots oGroup Shots oSelf Portraits oChildren •Sports oStadium/Team sports oRacing/Motor sports oExtreme sports oIndoor sports •Creative oForced perspective oStar trail oLightning oLight Art oFireworks oZoom blur oMiniature faking A perfect companion to start your photography journey. Happy clicking… Send in your comments and feedback to feedback@elementsofphotography.com and do not forget to rate the app.

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