Elementals Periodic Table Game


Elementals Periodic Table Game

Elementals is a fun educational app for learning the Periodic Table. Teachers and students will find this app useful in supporting science education in the classroom and practising on the go. The elements are categorised according to their Periodic Group and split into 5 levels, with a bonus 6th level for basic compounds. Review the elements and their properties using flash cards to learn element name, symbol, atomic number, group, and additional information on electron configuration and valency for the advanced user. Play five fun games that reinforce your learning, while progressing through six levels of knowledge. Reward badges will chart your progress and provide motivation. Mendeleev Match Up: match the Element name, symbol, atomic number, while colour coded categories reinforce group Proton Push: match Element, Symbol or atomic number to categories Positive Pairs: memorise and match pairs Chemical Crash: sort falling element blocks by group Symbol Search: find the matching symbol, element or atomic number Features * Suitable for beginners to intermediate learners of all ages * Select from 6 levels of skill at any time * Uses up to date Periodic Table with all 118 discovered elements with name, symbol, atomic number, group, electron configuration and valency * 5 unique games that reinforce learning including: matching pairs of symbols to names and atomic number, matching symbols to element and group; sorting element in correct categories * Review mode, to view and practise entire Periodic Table * Create your own Study Set of elements to concentrate on areas of learning * Select your own categories/groups to play in customised games * Mobile and web app with keyboard accessibility * Two speed settings: standard and fast * Sound on/off to suit classroom or personal use

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