eBook: Dracula


eBook: Dracula

Enjoy reading Dracula ebook with auto-scrolling, day and night viewing modes, bookmarks, multiple font sizes, full screen viewing in portrait and landscape orientations, and more! FEATURES: • AUTO-SCROLL: Hands free reading with our advanced variable speed auto-scrolling. • FULL SCREEN VIEW: No tab, navigation, or toolbars to get in your viewing way. • BOOKMARK CONTROLS: Bookmarking lets you start up where you left off fast. • MULTIPLE FONT SIZES: Increase or decrease the text size quickly and easily. • DAY & NIGHT MODES: Switch from day to night mode at the touch of a finger. • PORTRAIT & LANDSCAPE: Read your eBook in portrait or landscape position. • AUTO SETTINGS: Your viewer settings are automatically saved and loaded. • COPY & PASTE: Copy and paste selected text to other apps. • TEXT MAGNIFICATION: Magnify text for easier reading. • And more! eBook Media Viewer Series #5 Title: Dracula Author: Bram Stoker Pages: 448 Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 2: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 3: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 4: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 5: Letter From Miss Mina Murray To Miss Lucy Westenra Chapter 6: Mina Murray's Journal Chapter 7: Cutting From "The Dailygraph", 8 August Chapter 8: Mina Murray's Journal Chapter 9: Letter, Mina Harker To Lucy Westenra Chapter 10: Letter, Dr. Seward To Hon. Arthur Holmwood Chapter 11: Lucy Westenra's Diary Chapter 12: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 13: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 14: Mina Harker's Journal Chapter 15: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 16: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 17: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 18: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 19: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 20: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 21: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 22: Jonathan Harker's Journal Chapter 23: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 24: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 25: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 26: Dr. Seward's Diary Chapter 27: Mina Harker's Journal

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