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Read interactive chess ebooks on your iPad or iPhone! Titles currently available include Silman's Complete Endgame Course (Jeremy Silman), Streetfighting Chess (Burnett), Lessons in Chess Strategy (Beim), Exploration in Chess Beauty (Toth), and Aptekar’s Art of Chess trilogy. A free copy of Chess Fundamentals (Capablanca) is provided. As a chess enthusiast, you know there are many situations that would be improved by a good chess book – but only a Grandmaster could read one without a chess set. Until now. This app gives you book and set, so you can read great chess literature anywhere, any time, without skipping over the long lines and subvariations. Chess books, by their very nature, are more than just text. With this app, chess books can be everything they were meant to be. FEATURES ? Read real, full-length chess books, without setting up one board for the main line and another for the variations (as recommended by various authors). ? Highlight important information. ? Add notes into pages. ? Solve puzzles – move the pieces around to see if your solution looks good. Tap the Solution button to see the answer. No need to rummage through the back of the book to check the solutions, and no danger of accidentally seeing the solution to the next puzzle while you’re checking the previous one. ? Ponder continuations – think about the position before tapping the Reveal button to see how the game proceeded (and whether the players chose the correct continuations). ? Study endings – play out the long solutions of endgame puzzles effortlessly, and get a proper feel for the technique involved. ? Tap on moves directly, or use the buttons under the live board to follow the main line, or to follow through moves as they appear in the text (main lines and variations). ? Tap on any diagram in the text to set it up on the live board. ? Change the text size, and the size of the diagrams in the text. ? Easy navigation through the book, by Contents, or Player, or Opening. ? Lookup words in a dictionary. ? The book remembers where you stopped reading and opens at that page for you. ? Read chess books on the train, on the bus, in the air, or while waiting interminably between any two modes of transport. ? Continue reading without worrying that the table will be cleared of your chess set for dinner, or that the cat will decide to sleep on the center squares, or that the kids will make off with it to use as an alien zoo. ? Have you really played through as many of the famous old classics as you would like? Take a chess classic to the armchair; relax and enjoy the fantastic variations, and the comments of the all-time greats. ? Build up a library of new books, great classics, and everything in-between. ? Enjoy chess books in any spare moment. Coffee and Capablanca? Muffin and Morphy? No problem. Tall skinny latte and Lasker, any time. ? Take your whole chess library on holiday – Botvinnik by the beach. ? Read chess books in the gym. ? Where else? Join us on our e+Blog and tell us where you read our chess books! SPECIFICATIONS Best (we think) on the iPad, but works great on the iPhone and iPod touch.

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