DriveGain helps you save fuel. It gives you audio and visual feedback as you drive. FEEDBACK If you are having problems using DriveGain please contact us using the AppStore "Report a problem" link or via the Support page on our website If you just write a review saying "it didn't work", we can't help you since Apple gives us no way to reply to AppStore reviews. FREE VERSION OF DRIVEGAIN There is also a free version of DriveGain – all of the features of this full version are available as In-App upgrades so you can add features as and when you need them. LANGUAGES DriveGain is currently available in English and Dutch. WHAT DOES DRIVEGAIN DO? DriveGain gives you audio and visual feedback on your driving. It will suggest changes you can make to your driving style to help you save fuel. • The Basic Meter gives you a score out of 100 for how efficiently you have driven the current journey and a reading for your fuel economy (in MPG, l/100km etc). • The Cost Meter shows the total cost and the average cost per distance of your journey to date. • The Fuel Saving Meter gives you audio and visual feedback on how well you are Accelerating, Braking and Travelling at speed. The Gear Meter recommends what gear you should be in. • Once you have mastered basic efficient driving techniques the Advanced Savings Meter shows you, in real-time, the ideal Acceleration, Braking and Speed for the current driving conditions. Feedback on your driving smoothness is also presented. • The Instantaneous Meter shows you, in real-time, your current fuel consumption or CO2 output. • The CO2 Meter shows you the total CO2 you have emitted and the average CO2 per distance for the current journey. Note that as the app can only make assumptions about what gear you are in, the fuel economy reading may be incorrect if you are not using the recommended gear. The application runs in the background on devices that support multi-tasking and will carry on giving you audio feedback - so you can run it alongside your favourite SatNav app. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. WEBSITE DriveGain can be set to upload journey data to our website to allow you to: • Track your progress over time • Get more detailed analysis of where you can make more fuel savings • Optionally, you can compete with other drivers on getting the best weekly “Journey Score” HOW MUCH WILL IT SAVE ME? Our survey of 11 Efficient Driving websites shows that, on average, you can improve your Fuel Economy by 15% when driving more efficiently. Using this figure we can estimate how much an average driver would save in a year: UK: £170 US: $210 Eurozone: €180 Canada: CA$290 Australia: AU$ 190 New Zealand: NZ$ 260 Denmark: 1500 kr Hungary: 46500 Ft Norway: kr 1700 Poland: 650 zł Sweden: 1700 kr Switzerland: CHF 210 WILL IT WORK WIH MY CAR? The application works with any petrol (gasoline) or diesel car with a standard automatic or manual (stick-shift) transmission. We do not yet support electric or hybrid vehicles. WILL IT WORK WITH MY PHONE? The iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 are fully supported. The iPod Touch 3rd Gen and above is supported if you have a GPS adaptor such as the TomTom Car Kit for iPod Touch. The application works on the iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G model) – running as an iPhone application – but because the iPad is so big we do not recommended using it when driving with DriveGain. MORE INFORMATION More information including a demo video is available on our website

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