driveBlue estimates mpg while driving, showing a color from red to blue, with blue being your vehicle's estimated max mpg. Create entries each time you fill up, change the oil, or rotate the tires on your vehicles. Entries are used to track stats and know when maintenance is due next; oil and tire rotation distances may be set per vehicle. Add locations to record routes when driving between them. Routes may also be entered manually to keep a complete driving record with stats for mpg, speed, distance and cost estimates. Routes can be viewed and colored for mpg, speed, or acceleration. See exactly where you can make improvements to your fuel economy. Vehicle odometers and distances update while driving. Distances may be reset anytime to track how far you’ve driven from a given date; business distance is also tracked this way. Reference for VIN, license, and insurance Export routes, or fuel and maintenance entries as .csv to get your data in an easily usable format. Businesses may be entered and associated with vehicles to expense fuel and maintenance entries and track if driving is for personal or business; driving distances can be reset to track from a given date. Driving requires iPhone or cellular iPad Baton Rouge, LA

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