Drinks Guide™ Cocktail Recipes


Drinks Guide™ Cocktail Recipes

Drinks Guide™ is a must have app for Cocktails & Beer lovers. 8500+ COCKTAIL RECIPES Find new cocktails and mix your own drinks for your parties. You can filter cocktails based on any spirit such as Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Rum etc. Love the specific fruit mixers? Look up for the recipes based on what fruit you would like in your mixed cocktail. Some people like drinking from specific glasses therefore we show you the cocktail recipes that you can try based on glass types. Have fun mixing your party drinks and become a great Bartender. 15000+ BEERS DATABASE Are you a big fan of trying new beers? You can find thousands of beers based on location while visiting different country or a state in the USA. Find local beers around you! There are hundreds of different beer styles such as Belgian, British style ales, American Dark lager, European ales, India Pale Ales, Weizen Bock etc. Pick the one you like and find new beers! You can also choose based on ABV%: low alcohol beers, light, medium, high alcohol up to 65% or anything in between. Great feature for die hard Beer lovers! BAC% CALCULATOR (If you "Drink n Drive", you must use this feature) Estimate your Blood Alcohol Content % in your body before you drive. Driving with Blood alcohol content(BAC) of 0.08% or higher can result in a police arrest or an accident. This feature gives you the estimated blood alcohol content percentage in your body using the mathematical equations. Disclaimer: App’s calculations should not be used to determine a user’s ability to drive. DRINKS TRACKER (Don't get overcharged plus track how much you drink per week per month etc) Keep track of your drinks. Set a Goal and add your drinks in the database. View your drinking stats. Reset the database anytime. ADD TO FAVORITES Forgot the recipe for your favorite mixed drink? This feature helps you tag the cocktail and beers you love so that you can access them faster next time. Drinks Guide™ can guide you step by step to mix any drink out of 8500+ recipes, gives you access to 15000+ beers of various styles along with many extra features.

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