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DotToDot numbers & letters lite “takes this to the next level with fun pictures, filled in on completion, timed modes where kids have to finish in a certain time to open the next level and number sequences based on times tables so that older kids can still use the app to practice their arithmetic.” DotToDot numbers & letters lite is the free, cut-down version of DotToDot numbers & letters so you can try before you buy. The full version teaches your kids: * to count (from “1,2, 3 ...” all the way up to “12, 24, 36...”) * letter names and alphabetical order *** Please note: if you need help with this app, contact us from within the app or at our website: We cannot respond to reviews.*** The full version contains 42 puzzles, the lite version has 8. In this lite version, you can chose for younger kids to practise counting “1,2,3...” or older kids to practise “9, 18, 27...”. A four-year-old can practise counting “1,2,3...” on a simplified set of dot-to-dot puzzles designed for younger fingers. If they touch the right dot, the app says the number. If they touch the wrong dot, the dot wriggles to let them know and the correct dot draws attention to itself. Their exploratory play teaches them the correct order and they begin to associate the spoken number with its written form. As they complete each puzzle the app celebrates their success. For an older child, you might select counting in 9s with more complicated dot-to-dot puzzles and without the app saying the numbers. You can switch the timer on and they can compete against themselves and their siblings as to who can get the best scores up on the leaderboard. Increase the challenge, by making them beat the unlock time to move onto the next puzzle. Kids either touch the dots individually (great for accuracy) or drag their finger between dots (can be faster, but easier to make mistakes). When they’ve finished the puzzle, a colourful, original picture is revealed. WHO IS IT FOR? Aimed primarily at preschool children and those up to 7 years. ★DotToDot numbers & letters puts you in control★ Using the app, you can: ✔ Customise it to the needs of your child through its wide range of settings (e.g. lowercase or uppercase letters, sound effects and hints) ✔ Get help & support ✔ Order our free guide on teaching kids to read FROM THE MAKERS OF... abc PocketPhonics - one of the best-selling apps in the US for learning to read and write. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and

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