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DL Park Assistant

Features include: - map of Disneyland & California Adventure - Wait times for attractions - Show times for Fantasmic & World of Color - Sort attractions by children's height - Souvenir tracking that displays photo and location Imagine having an assistant on your next trip to Disneyland and California Adventure that will sort attractions based on your children’s heights as well as track all those souvenirs you may want to purchase before you go home but don’t want to carry with you all day. Wait times for all applicable attractions are at your fingertips! Fantasmic and World of Color display show times automatically. DL PARK ASSISTANT does all this in addition to giving you the ability to scroll around each park to find restaurants and restrooms at any time. Locate attractions specifically for your children by entering heights and DL PARK ASSISTANT shows you on the ride locator map the attractions and wait times that are suitable for your child. This feature includes the following: • Settings for up to three children. • Ride Locator map shows your current position. • Ride Locator map rotates with your movements to give you current attractions whatever direction the phone is pointing. Souvenir tracking for three children with up to 6 items per child. • Input and save item by child including a short description of item and name of merchant. • Photograph and save the item for future reference. • When the item is saved the merchant location is marked on the Souvenir map. In addition DL PARK ASSISTANT maps display primary restaurants at the parks and will show you the closest restroom to your location. For all you Fathers - check out the 'Man Page'. It's tons of fun and oh so masculine! Follow us on Twitter for updates and upcoming events. This app is intended to be used as a novelty item only. To open some of the features in this App you must be within the Disneyland Parks located in Anaheim California. Wait Times require a cellular or WiFi connection.

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